The first ever karat jack was released in August 2022. The prize charm was crafted in 14k yellow gold in our signature light style texture with a gold star at the center clutching a champagne rose cut diamond. I called this new design the infinite Lucky Star Charm. A version of it is available today with a white brilliant cut diamond.


The second edition of KJ was released in November 2022. The prize this time around was a puffed heart with and arrow going through it, at the center there was a north star setting with a vibrant pinkish ruby set in the middle.


The third edition as released in April 2023. The prize this time was a horseshoe in 14k yellow gold with our signature "light" texture. This horseshoe had 7 white diamonds and 1 spinel in a star setting. This was the first time that there were color variations that you could choose to choose from. Available in pink, blue, purple, and red. A larger version of this will be available later this year.

Karat Jack - Horseshoe