Moonstone is part of the mineral group called feldspar. Moonstone is most famously known for its phenomenon called adularescence. Adularescence is the light the appears to glow from with the stone. The color of the adularescence can range from blues (most common in moonstone) all the way to peach, which can be observed in top quality rainbow moonstones. Their body colors are available in white, grey, peach, green, and brown. However top quality moonstones are clear with the adularescence being the only color present.


It is said that moonstone is excellent in activating your feminine energy as well as aiding in bringing balance to oneselfs by bringing light and releasing negative energy.


We love moonstone because of the way glows from within. We are especially infatuated with stones that posses a variety of color in their adularescence. In our opinion no other stone can compare to the beautiful glowing nature of top quality moonstone. Their almost like tiny crystal balls that you can keep with you. Who knows they may even be able to tell your future if you look hard enough!

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