Our company is a female-owned small business, that focuses on the craftsmanship, artistry, and design of jewelry. We relish in the idea of ancient adornment and believe every person who desires to, should have the ability to adorn themselves. So we created a line of quality attainable jewelry. We craft pieces of jewelry that are meant to be passed down for generations to come. No fast fashion, but a collection of timeless and contemporary treasures to accompany you and your journey.



All of our jewelry is handmade Los Angeles, California by local craftsmens. We believe that the individuals, materials, and the location it's produced hold as much important as the jewelry itself. Our artisans use a variety of techniques that range from verenable processes passed down from generations of jewelers, to cutting edge industry practices using the latest tools and machinery.


Materials and Sustainability

We are committed to using environmentally sustainable materials and practices whenever possible. Our raw materials are predominately recycled and/ or environmentally sustainable. We source our metals from reputable partners who supply certified recycled metals. Our diamonds and gemstones are held to fairtrade and conflict free standards. We love to use repurposed and or antique diamonds whenever we can.