2024 Giveaway Challenge

Hello everyone! I never thought my little idea to change up how giveaways are done would have created such a response! I wanted something that had interaction - originally because I really wanted to make sure the person who won truly wanted to win because they were interested in my jewelry, but the interaction that came from it is so much more than I could have imagined. My heart is so full. This giveaway challenge sparked interaction not only with my jewelry but within the IG jewelry community, but most importantly is sparked creativity. I've had a few people tell me that making their piece for this giveaway got them out of an artist block and other people tell me they tried a new craft out for the first time. This challenge did something that makes me as an artist feel successful, it inspired. And not just the contestants, me as well. Without any further ado I present you with the 2024 give away challenge entries. Grab a snack, pull up a chair, get cosy and enjoy!


With Gratitude,


PS the link for voting is at the bottom- remember to mark down which numbers are your favorite!


1. Digital artwork by @darafeller

2. Physical artwork by @24.k.amaya

3. Physical artwork by @journalingdani

4. Physical art by @moodies_trinkets

5. Physical art by @slowenburg of @coolyourfannies

6. Physical art by @afhelowife

7. Tattoo art by @loudplanetstattoo on @erin.n & Jess- Automatic finalist

8. Digital art by  coolgirl.checkedin (tiktok)

9. Digital art by @gem_stone_fox

10. Abstract art by @elinalukas "as an abstract artist, I was trying to capture the essence of the light charms and the energy they emit ( for me at least), especially the opal ones, rather than a literal representation of them."

 11. Watercolor, pen, and digital art by N.S.

12. Physical art and poem by @aur__else

13. Chocolate Cupcake - gold painted cream cheese frosting with sugar diamond buttons, sugar gem screen and sugar pearl chain on top pf a chocolate cupcake by @marianalogallego

14. Punch needling by JS

15. Physical art by @catherine_9o6 "a vibrantly painted 5x5 canvas adorned with Austrian crystals. Drawing inspiration from the captivating Gemagotchi charm, I've infused my piece with a personal twist, celebrating a spectrum of colors with a radiant rainbow tie-dye background. The gems embedded within my artwork—Aquamarine, Siam, Rose, and Light Blue Sapphire—echo the cherished hues of Gemagotchis I admire, including one that mirrors my own birthstone, pink tourmaline. 

This creation reflects more than just aesthetic allure; it embodies my vision of what a Gemagotchi represents: an enchanting artifact that instantly draws the eye and uplifts the spirit, reminiscent of the joyous simplicity of childhood days spent with Tamagotchis. The Gemagotchi isn't merely a piece to be collected or a trend to follow—it stands as a poignant reminder of our pre-social media innocence, celebrating jewelry as a form of art that captivates and delights. Let this canvas serve as an invitation to rediscover the beauty and artistry in our everyday lives, and to cherish the playful spirit that jewelry, like the Gemagotchi, can evoke."
16. Felted art by @the_gilt_goblin
17. Crocheted art by @bunnehfluff
18. Physical art by @jessieherdman of @night.flux
19. Watercolor Illustration by @titi.chei
20. Digital artwork made in procreate with ipad pro and apple pencil by @torikassel

 21. Digital Art by @lawlawlawls

22. Digital Art by @babs.gems


23. Papa Gemagotchi by @fmgwen

24. Gemagotchi Bag Charm by @jccreations95

25. Digital Art by Laura

26. Physical Art by @Juliaguliagraves

27. Watercolor Illustration by @georgie_the_magpie

28. Nail Art by @craftedbyaprince

29. Nail art by @nails.naart / @roseegia

30. Art Class by @briski24

31. Cross Stitch by @arkacota

32. Digital Art by @quinntoro__

33. Nail Art by Monserrat

34. Sticker by Brooklynn and Mom @cogonixx

35. Ornament by @sagesjewelrybox

36. Excel Art by @steph.cani.loves 

37. Nail Art by @georgiabella_1

38. Physical Art by @squish_lite

39. Digital Art by @yogurtandbrad

40. Photography by @adelefaitdesphotos

41. Physical Art by @nanariana

42. Digital Art by @trashmom_draws (This piece was created in Procreate, took a total of 12 hours and 51 minutes, and used 92 layers.)

43. Digital Art by H.A

44. Digital Art by @goldolegrayson

45. Digital Art by @@Cowboycafegoods

46. Digital Art by @firebrandfc

47. Physical Art by @pastatchi

48. Physical Art by @collections_of_things

49. Physical Art by @gold_obsession

50. Physical Art by @joy.inwonder

51. 2hb Pencil Lead Carving by @felix.signoret

52. Digital Art by @themiguelnino

53. Physical Art by Beavo and Mom @kait_b22

54. Physical Art Inspired by Howl’s Moving Castle by @nikkiii727

55. Digital Art by @ohelloheyhi 

56. Physical Art by @spookawitz

57. Physical Art by @seakap

58. Digital Art by @nattybic


59. Physical Art by @ooh.dizzy.lizzie

60. Audio EP by @ALPDLX 

61. Physical Art by @stkreutz

62. Physical Art by @yellowseau2

63. Physical Art by @talesofthejewelrybox

64. Physical Art by @ i_ris27

65. Physical Art by @mymothersvintage

66. Physical Art by @itsmickeymuse 

67. Physical Art by @another_magpie

68. Physical Art by @finchhousecreative

69. Physical Art by @carolineaccatino

70. Physical Art by @karina.kudinova

71. Physical Art by @amelia_b83

72. Physical Art by @pinclaud

73. Physical Art by @__maisoun__

74. Physical Art by Audrey

75. Physical Art by @teasweetenedwithsalt

76. Digital Art by @graeyre

77. Physical Art by @Spicedchristea

78. Physical Art by @heartsandgoldohmy

79.Physical Art by @fieselfuchs

80. Physical Art by @kirstenmoffitt

81. Physical Art by @wellconsidered

 82. Physical Art by @wawestudio

83. Physical Art by @willworkforcrafts

84. Physical Art by @@smolthingsco

85. Gemagotchi Game by @dyllan_hope

Play here

86. Physical Art by @katie_giannaras25

87. Physical Art by @iamvickytam

 88. Physical Art by A.S.

89. Nail Art by G.G.

90. Digital / Physical Sock Art by @fifiknitz

 91. Physical Art by @heatherv_

92. Physical Art by @hrhauser

93. Physical Art by B.W.

94. Physical Art by @dolores_dolore

95. Digital Art by @memudex


96. Digital Art by @Julia.loken

97. Physical Art by @antorcha_de_oro

98. Physical Art by @nattitude94


99. Physical Art by @petra_ko

100. Digital Art by @paomegranates

101. Digital Art by @thelittlebluehorseshoe

102. Physical Art by @its_tini_thyme

103. Physical Art by @evepeanut

104. Digital Art by @syrahinggold

105. Nail Art by @cotttonxo

106. Digital Art by @steffaniemackie of @sixlettercreative


 107. Physical Art by L.N.


108. Edible Art by @gold.smore

109. Edible Art by @missroya

110. Physical Art by @hellojackie21

111. Digital Art by @kiki.pixel

112. Physical Art by A.S

113. Physical Art by @alexiasdfgh

114. Physical Art by @lushquisha

115. Digital Art by K.W.

116. Physical Art by @stormwarning87

117. Digital Art by @Bupuniii

118. Physical Art by @Bupuniii

119. Physical Art by @crystalbellstudio

120. Nail Art by @mikhaelavas

121. Physical Art by @mo_monsoon

122. Physical Art by @sleepy.snoopster - please DM me on IG to vote for this entry

Entries missed in junk mail

123. Digital Art by @molly.dookr

124. Digital art by @goldgluestick

125. Physical art by @breeainaa

126. Physical art by @jewelrycat17

bonus - automatic winner- self tattoo by @h_hink


Thank you so much to everyone who participated! Everyone brought something beautiful to the table and I could not be more excited! Please cast your vote for your top 5 favorite entries here: https://smartpolls.co.uk/p/S53WB


The winner from the crowd chosen round will be done in 2 separate voting polls. The first on the web where each person can choose their top 5 entries. The second will be done on instagram from the 5 entries that receives the most vote online. 

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